And No More Shall We Part

Review by Looby Loo

An incredibly intimate and playful start despite a general sense of foreboding.   The acting was superb with an outstanding performance from Bill Paterson.  He has the most soothing voice. Strepsils and Bill Paterson on an audio book could easily cure the common cold.  I found the script repetitive, it is naturalistic and it is certainly not for me to say what words a couple would exchange with each other in the months and days before they lose each other forever, but I felt that the dialogue was too clunky for the emotions they were trying to portray and reduced the acting.  The emotions and tensions were built up brilliantly and the staging worked well.

Audience wriggling: only to move closer to the stage

Bows: 3

General Spot: Box of tissues at exit

Tears: 3

Venue:  Good stage and comfortable seats

3/5 WIGS

Review by Goubba

This was an extremely moving piece, based on one women’s decision to end her life prematurely and her husband’s extreme reluctance to let her carry out this decision. Set in their bedroom and dining room, the two actors playing Don and Pam were both exceptional, creating extremely powerful and tender moments, enhanced by our front row seats.  The most moving of these was the point when Don says goodnight to Pam for the last time, kissing her once on the forehead and leaving the room.  Although extremely sad in terms of content and themes, I found it very inspiring to see the courage shown by Pam in the way she decided her own fate.

4/5 WIGS

Review by The Strolling Man

A powerful drama. The trauma of a woman (wife and mother) facing a painful final end to her life after she has been told that the medical profession advises the withdrawal of treatment and her decision to take the ultimate action. The focus of the play was the emotional impact on her immediate family with the personal issues explored in the relationship between husband and wife as they faced this trauma together, although the lack of physical intimacy at certain times, particularly as they shared their final farewells, fell slightly short. This play suggested the legal issues that immediate family members might encounter and vividly exposed the uncomfortable issue of “selfishness” that euthanasia might generate. The tension in this drama was achieved with an exceptionally strong acting performance from Dearbhla Molloy and Bill Paterson.

4/5 WIGS


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