Re-Animator: The Musical

Review by Ginger Wig

This was an extremely silly piece from a very energetic group of young performers from America. I was slightly disappointed by the actual amount of blood that gushed into the audience considering how much this aspect was hyped.  Regardless, this show was full of great theatrical set pieces, and the people in the front row did enthusiastically get covered in blood. Based on an old B-Movie, the show follows one young scientist’s discovery of the formula for re-animation.  Highlights include the re-animation of a dead cat and the bone-saw chest buster scene.  For late night relief, this was very enjoyable…

3/5 WIGS

Review by Looby Loo

The obvious spoof element and the unabashed gory nature of this musical about bringing dead people back to life was positively joyful.  The audience were gleeful in their response.  The show was everything I expected it to be, a B-movie med school horror, but in a very good way.  The cast looked like they enjoyed performing it every single night.

Audience wriggling:  in anticipation of the excess blood

Bows:  quite a few

General spot:  the cast waiting outside the venue handing out flyers and chatting, always a nice touch

Venue: throwing endless amounts of blood, around what looked like a lecture auditorium, was fun.

3/5 WIGS


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