Stephen K. Amos: Work in Progress

Review by Looby Loo

Stephen had the audience from “hello”.  He smoothly moved from joke to joke picking on the audience and using his upbringing to form the backbone of his routine.  His jokes about being brought up to speak like Trevor McDonald and coming from such a large family that his mother pointed down the dining room table and asked who he was, were excellent.  Stephen has a natural rapport with the audience which he uses to great effect.  He was lucky to have 30 school leavers in the front row which made for great entertainment.  The audience were in hysterics for most of his set.

Audience wriggling:  only squirming when choice people were picked on
Bows: 1
General spot:  young ‘uns
Venue:  really good range of comedians at The Stand
4/5 WIGS

Review by Goubba

A natural comedian, Stephen K. Amos show was just a ‘work in progress’, as he kept reminding us. He just wanted to try out as many jokes as possible to see what would make us laugh, all of them as it turned out. Even when the odd joke turned our faces sour, such as the one about moulding your only child to become a murderer, he recovered by critiquing his own work.  He has a natural gift of speaking to his audience and could find humour from anything said or offered to him.  The first boy he picked on was called Calvin, for which he duly thanked the comedy gods.  This was followed by the appearance of his first fellow Nigerian at the Fringe.  The audience lapped up every word he uttered and he kept us laughing the whole way through.  We were a very good audience, as he told us.  A very good performance with lots of laughs, from what was not a finished piece.

4/5 WIGS


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