Letter to the Man (From the Boy)

Review by Ginger Wig

This one-man show had an interesting premise, however it did not live up to its potential. It was basically a series of poems about one man’s life, interspersed with instructions to us to write down things in our own letter to our older self.  The creator is advertised as a poetry slam reader, and I couldn’t help but think he would be better performing in that format.  Here it seemed slightly contrived, however I did like the audience participation.

2/5 WIGS

Review by Loubby Loo

I am afraid I found this show unoriginal and dull.  I really struggle watching bad theatre, I can sit through films, talks and television programmes but I cannot bear to struggle with my favourite medium, the stage.  I don’t think doing a few rhyming couplets can make you a poet.  The audience are asked to write a letter to their older selves and are asked to voice parts to the other members of the audience.  It is a good concept but was done with poor execution.  What would be much more interesting would be writing a letter to your younger self when you have the experience and the insight to actually tell them something!

1/5 WIGS


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