Sarah Kendall: Get Up, Stand-Up

Review by Ginger Wig

Sarah was a very funny fresh comedienne.  Her perspective was that of an intelligent mother re-telling stories about reprimanding her daughter and looking to the future to the time she will have to explain gender divisions in the world.  Any punter would call her a Feminist, but she is a female comedienne dealing with very important issues about gender and women’s roles and how they are portrayed in a male-dominated society.   She performed her own female rap song, explaining how she would like to see men objectified and sexualised in music videos the way women are.  She finished with her own sequel to the ugly duckling. The only shame was that her audience seemed to be made up entirely of older aged couples, so perhaps part of this comedy was not so much lost as slightly offensive to them.  Sarah had very interesting material, she is a bolshy comedienne, not afraid to speak the truth. A very good show.

4/5 WIGS

Review by Looby Loo

Sarah Kendall is a very witty comic.  She pitches an entire music video to an MTV Base Exec with the gender roles reversed and obviously it comes across as completely ridiculous.  Her sequel to the Ugly Duckling is thoughtful and interesting.  Sarah is talking about issues that affect us all and she is doing it an assured and insightful way, may all comedy address real problems like this.

Audience wriggling: none

Bows: 1

General spot: older crowd (especially when we have been seeing such a mix)

Venue:  Pleasance Courtyard is just my dream drinking venue, I saw Miriam Margoyles, Tim Key and Hannibal Buress in the same sitting

4/5 WIGS


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