A Little Perspective With Imaan

Review by Ginger Wig & Looby Loo

This was a very interesting piece of stand-up from Imaan, a “migga” Lebanese-Aussie. Titled “A Little perspective with Imaan”, that is exactly what he gave us, relying on a couple of self-shot videos filmed on the streets of Melbourne, he showed us exactly how ignorant, stupid and insensitive some people can be towards someone who is the same height as a 6-year old.  Highlights included his description of his utter hatred of being described as “cute” by girls, that “oooh” and “awww” him, preferring to counter it with some of the crudest humour he knows.  He also decided to dress up as Jesus and walk around Melbourne forgiving people for their sins.  Imaan is only 22-years old and he has a lot further to go.

Audience wriggling:  only to get more beer

Best Joke:  “Would I be considered taller if I was Chinese?”

Bows:  1 but shook all the audience members’ hands as they left

General spot:  best title of a show so far

Venue:  other comedians make jokes about the Gilded Balloon but I haven’t figured out why that is

3/5 WIGS


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