DugOut Theatre’s: Inheritance Blues

Review by Goubba The Brave

This was a very good show. A band on a cruise, ‘The Hot Air Ballues’ tell the story of three brothers who meet up for their father’s wake (Irish funeral).  The band, the same band telling the story, has been hired to play at the pub afterwards.  What ensues is a series of stories, songs and flashbacks, set over the course of the wake.  As the story develops the brothers reveal their opinions on their father and ambitions for the future. The piece cuts to the past and the present whilst the band express their frustration at not being paid, leading to their potential break-up.  The six actors/musicians were all excellent, all playing very different characters extremely well.  Despite a slow start, once this got going it was funny and entertaining, thanks to the blues throughout the piece.

4/5 WIGS

Review by Looby Loo The Weasel 

This cast of six actors/musicians performed a piece that was fresh and well-constructed.  I couldn’t work out exactly who played what instrument but they all seemed to play something and sing.  The music element added to the tension and mood of the play, which was based on three brothers’ struggles with each other, themselves and their father, following his recent death.  It started slowly but came together well.

Audience wriggling: none

Bows: 1

General spot: green velvet jacket

Venue:  Bedlam is adorable

4/5 WIGS


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