Devvo Dole Queue Hero is Free

Review by Goubba

What a scallywag Devvo is!  Devvo is doing a free show for which, quite frankly, I had higher expectations.  It was full of much of what I expected, childish crude humour and advice on the appropriate footwear for aspiring burglars. This was also interspersed with tips on how to become a millionaire. He performed three of his songs, ‘Crystal Meffin’, ‘The Boys on the Beach…’ and ‘Donny Soldier’. In general, the audience participation was weak with one audience member being completely drunk.  This turned out to be an average show with just a couple of big laughs, my favourite being his account of some BBC bigwigs asking him find a place in London for filming that looked like Doncaster… Could have had better from Devvo, or maybe this Donny Soldier has been riding on the success of one good Internet song for too long.

2/5 WIGS


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