Mayday Mayday

Review by Looby Loo

This was a one-man show telling the true story of the actor and his recovery from his fall from a wall, which broke his neck, on 1st May 2004 in Padstowe, Cornwall.  It was an ode to the NHS and all the people who had brought him back to full recovery.  It was told in a delicate manner using limited stage and props that were laid out in front for all the audience to see.

Tristan Sturrock gave an excellent performance. I couldn’t help but feel annoyed for the first 15 minutes that he had fallen as a result of alcohol.  Not that mistakes can’t happen, not that I condemn people that drink or am taking some ridiculous moral high ground but just because I know the statistics around the number of alcohol related accidents and diseases.  In about the 16th minute I realised that his show would probably be a horror story for many people and was such a kind tribute to the NHS that I couldn’t feel unsympathetic anymore.  It certainly made me want to put every drunk friend to bed properly.  I would have liked to hear more about the emotions he felt whilst in hospital, because anyone can read about the procedure and operation of his kind of fall but to cover the range of emotions he felt would have been more unusual and added more depth to his piece.  The script definitely let the show down, there was too much repetition,  “expectancy” was used rather than “expectation” and there were other words used I didn’t feel were in the right tense.  I expected a much more slick and imaginative production from someone who was from Kneehigh, perhaps if he had been a regular Joe I would not have had such high standards.

Audience wriggling:  someone fainted, poor thing

Bows:  2

General Spot:  clearly loads of his actor mates were there to support him and the second best title of the Fringe so far

Tears: 2

Venue:  I don’t like Pleasance Dome, it feels like a place where there should be experiments on plants.

WIGS: 3/5


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