The Price of Everything

Review by Ginger Wig

This was a performance lecture on how we value things. It was interesting and amusing performed by someone with very good performance skills. He told his stories in an interesting way, illustrating his points with fabricated stories, to prove to us that it was more plausible to believe a story about humans being idiots than it was them being kind and generous. Plus we got a free 1/3 of a cup of milk.

3/5 WIGS

Review by Looby Loo

I always enjoy a good story.  Daniel Bye is a good storyteller.  He discussed how we value the random acts of kindness of others.  I found the first half amusing but it appeared directionless and I always like the feeling of being in the capable hands of the actor(s) otherwise it makes me anxious.  The second half focused on Daniel’s experience of performing three acts of kindness and the results.  There was nothing that he said that surprised me, but the message of this piece is an important one.

Audience Wriggling:  this category has become difficult because of my obsession with the front row

Bows: 1

General Spot: Milk

Venue: I can’t help but think there is something depressing about watching a show in the wing of an empty church

2/5 WIGS


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