Dr. Brown: Befrdfgth

Review by Looby Loo & Ginger Wig

Where to begin with this guy?  This is like no other comedy show I have ever seen.

Dr. Brown is enigmatic from the word go.  He uses mime, physical jokes and repetition to create an unbelievably funny one-hour show in which he plays a cast of fictional and animal characters…  An encounter between two soldiers turns into a bull fight.  The bull is killed. Dr. Brown gets inside and finds a female bull.  They have a calf… and thus it goes on with one scene morphing into something entirely different. It was like watching someone else’s dream.  The power of mime is not be trifled with, and Dr. Brown brilliantly uses audience participation to realise the full potential of his act. His jokes are incredibly simple but because of the force of his personality they are real crowd pleasers.  On one level, audience participation is always a cheap gag because everyone finds awkward audience members doing things funny. It is, after all, what pantomime thrives on. Dr. Brown is really talented and his show has been nominated for the Foster’s Best Comedy Show 2012. For sheer originality and humour his show probably merited the prize.

Audience wriggling: when he clambered through the audience

Bows: 1 and hugged every audience member

General spot: Dr Brown’s outfit

Venue:  Underbelly is very dank

WIGS 4/5


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