The Horne Section

Review by Ginger Wig

Any other show interrupted half-way through by a fire alarm would have seriously weakened its chances of getting a good review.  However, being the likeable and talented band they were, they led the audience out of the Pleasance Grande and started performing in the dark.

A couple of fire related numbers and their Olympic melody were all that were needed to hold our attention through the unplanned interval. A good show with music, comedy, special guests and beards.

3/5 WIGS

Review by Looby Loo

The Horne Section were an enjoyable and friendly band but they did not have the jokes or the material to sustain a really amusing evening. They had their own music and they had four special guests with their own acts all introduced by Alex Horne. Des Bishop and Piff the Magic Dragon were good. Incidently, I had tried to see Piff at a Brunch organised by the Circus restaurant in London but it was cancelled, so I was really delighted to see him.  Piff brought Piffles, a chihuahua, on stage. I struggle with any kind of animal cruelty and so dressing up a dog for comedy and “breaking his leg” I found difficult.  The Horne Section is like being on holiday with some very old friends that are musical and are having a good evening. So I’d rather just go on holiday with my friends and have a good evening.

Audience wriggling: problems after the fire alarm with audience members complaining about their new seats

Bows: a few

General spot: too much tacky pink from the Horne Section

Venue: (heart) Pleasance Courtyard

WIGS 2/5


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