My Elevator Days

Review by Linny

A monologue by Bengt Ahlfors brought by Svenska Teatern.

An elderly man reflects on his life.  A native of Sweden, he has always lived in Finland.

This was a fine performance by Alexander West ruminating on the very limited compass of his life both as a child and as an adult (he never married) and the strategies he has engaged in to create relationships.  Grace Kelly features as a picture of ideal womanhood;  the elevator in his apartment block stands in as a kind of bleak stage where he encountered a bully when little and which itself then becomes the object of a relationship later in his life.  In passing we have observations on casual racism and the dismal lack of sociability amongst people who live on the other sides of walls or on other floors whilst all share the same public spaces in the building.  His interaction with others in his recent past is limited to being an interloper at the funerals and weddings of strangers as well as a sex worker. This is a sad and poignant piece with its modest dramas skilfully managed by West out of the small exigencies of his character’s life.  There is a hopeful end.

3/5 WIGS


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