Trygve Wakenshaw: Nautilus at Pleasance Forth

Clowning around is never more entertaining when presented by a gangly, flexy, elastic weirdo in a blazer! His opening gag – a physical representation of the age-old classic, ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’ Developed at the perfect tempo until it eventually brought the house down. A series of physical sketches were interspersed by a spanish guitar version of the habanera from Carmen and Trygve caught frozen in a spotlight. There wasn’t really a moment when people weren’t laughing at this former student of the famed Gaulier clown school in France.

We at the Wig have seen none of his previous work, although from speaking to others, this was maybe a slight step down from his other works and maybe at an hour and a half, slightly self-indulgent. He has clearly amassed quite a big fan base, who were slightly off-putting at times, when some people seemed to be laughing only for the sake of laughing. Not to detract from the man himself though. He is an extremely talented clown and definitely one to keep an eye on. This show should maybe be billed as a work in progress, but it’s certainly still worth your money at the Forth in the Pleasance Courtyard!

Highlight of the show – Trygve’s unique take on Aretha Franklin’s ‘A Natural Woman’

4/5 WIGS


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