Bruce by The Last Great Hunt at the Underbelly

Low-fi puppetry at the Underbelly! What more could you want? Bruce really is lo-fi. Made of a sponge, this story is a thrilling tale of love and revenge in a space-time continuum.

Perth-based theatre company, The Last Great Hunt, have been going since 2013 and have already performed in Australia, Canada, the United States and the UK this year. Only two of their seven members are responsible for Bruce, giving them the flexibility to perform in all these different countries at the same time.

We meet Bruce in outer space as he tries to re-enter the earth’s atmosphere. Simply with one puppeteer wearing white gloves and the other controlling his sponge head, together they effectively create the effect of Bruce floating around his spaceship, as well as everything else he gets up to in this action-packed hour of far-fetched puppetry . The use of sound helps to build the mood for Bruce as we watch his attempts to get the girl, avoid his one-eyed ex-cop- partner and ultimately have his own baby – Bruce.

The mix of characters was fantastic with the puppeteers providing all the voices to about ten different characters as well as creating all the sound effects within Bruce. Really good happy theatre here – guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Highlight of the show – Bruce’s head floating across stage providing his own backing vocals to Annie Lennox’s ‘Why’.

4/5 WIGS


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