The Iraq Pack – Live from Das Vegas at the Voodoo Rooms

Featuring the hits of Dean Stalin, Osama Bin Crosby, Frank Sanazi and Saddami Davis Jnr. this was a humorous and no blows barred kinda cabaret show.

Performed in the gorgeous main space in the Voodoo Rooms, this venue is built for the high class elegance of cabaret, showstoppers and entertainment. The Iraq Pack served up many an incorrect joke to keep the audience giggling, and most of the songs brought the same responses, although some seemed slightly less entertaining than others.

Frank Sanazi was the real host of the show. Although Dean Stalin opened, it was Frank who lead the show, delivered the most jokes and generally organised the other dictators following their world tour of destruction to perform this show. He was a true treat of political incorrectness.

Good comic fare and good singing from these chaps, not for the faint-hearted but definitely good value for those interested.

Highlight of the show – Frank Sanazi’s rendition of ‘Third Reich’ to the tune of ‘That’s Life’.

3/5 WIGS


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