Institute by Gecko Theatre at Pleasance Courtyard


Where, oh where, to begin with this fascinating piece of theatre. Gecko theatre have created something truly memorable without me really being able to tell you what it was.

Four men ran, jumped, danced and flung themselves across a stage surrounded by giant filing cabinets – filing cabinets that contained much more than just paperwork.

One man seemed to be struggling with creative block, another with getting over an ex-girlfriend, another with the loss of his father and a final one with who knows what. Two were English, one was German and the fourth was French, although he used a touch of Italian. They all moved around the stage with a mad precision and they were all completely bonkers!

The show was extremely physical, but also had some lovely moments of humour, the two men dealing with the corporate machine controlling their lives had some great moments, and there was incredible use of the entire space.

Nod to the lighting as well, as we are yet to mention it at this year’s festival, but it really was great here, creating different spaces and different moods. The sound too worked really well, with all the men being mic’d, so we heard all the words clearly as well as their panting and breathing. This was coupled with a soundtrack that often contained a panting/grunting soundtrack to accompany some of the physical dance moment parts.

Don’t really know what else to say about this one. It was absolutely loco! Go see it and see if you can make any sense of it. You won’t regret it.

Highlight of the show – the architect trying to get to his drawing board to draw something, anything, only to be carried back, or spaz out, or be distracted by the others. Fantastic movement.

4/5 WIGS


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