Rebounding Hail by Disparat Theatre at Big Belly

This was a really charming piece of theatre from Disparat Theatre. Marked as  a children’s show, in reality people of all ages would enjoy this. Certainly this big kid was keen to go!

Performed in the Underbelly’s ‘Big Belly’, this was a venue that we had yet to encounter in our two trips to the Fringe, but we were very glad we finally did. Despite the dank bunker-like atmosphere in which we felt we were sinking, the big open space with its curved roofs really was a unique venue.

As we entered the space, we met a girl wandering around the stage. Two huge piles of books stood on either side of the stage with regular size books scattered all over the place. As well as this, a large open book was hanging from the ceiling, as if it were a swing. Once the play began, the girl picked a book up and opened it. Suddenly the court of King Arthur was created in front of us by the other actors. As soon as she closed it, they stiffened up and disappeared. Then we met ‘the voice’. Together the girl and the voice discussed their favourite books, breaking every so often for her to open another book and suddenly for the book to come alive in front of us. Tarzan, Gandalf and many other came alive before us. However, just like the first time, as soon as the book was closed the characters disappeared.

The supporting actors created each story very effectively using music, songs and dancing to help set the mood and accompany the action to great effect. All of the acting was top rate from the performers and the play itself was a wonderful and imaginative piece of children’s theatre. The ending was very clever, and would have caught out most little minds. And the closing itself was extremely exciting.

If you’ve got kids take them along to this one and leave them in wonder. If you haven’t got kids, nay bother, pop down anyway for this charming little treat.

Highlight of the show – The Dragon – Where did that come from ?!

4/5 WIGS


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