Paris Communal Shower at Yurt Locker @ Free Sister

There really is no show quite like this one at Edinburgh. Absurd clown tomfoolery is presented by four students from Philippe Gaulier’s renowned clown school. Under the command of their scout master, three young scouts learn to tie ropes, go to the bathroom in the forest and develop their interrogation techniques. And did we mention? It’s completely FREE!

Standard scout practices were subverted by these wild clowns, skewed out of all recognition into some off-the-wall crazy comedy, that left the crowd roaring with laughter. This reporter did not stop laughing throughout, a testament to their comedy. This was unique, original and different from anything else we had seen at the Fringe.

The only downside was the venue in question. Squeezed into a yurt is no problem at all, and could definitely add to the mood and intimacy of the piece. However, when you have a whole bar being served food and drinks outside, playing music and showing sports games on giant screens, it could make it hard for some to fully enter the world of the piece inside the yurt. At the end of the day though, all this shows, is that this group deserved a bigger and better stage!

Not a problem anyway though, for those of you who truly care about great comedy. You will find youself transfixed by the madness presented by the four scouts; Neil, Sami, Maddy and James. Each one of them brings something distinct to this troupe as they presented their series of sketches individually, in pairs, or as a whole group, clothed or unclothed…

Hilarious and unconventional comedy from this brand new comedy group. Squeeze yourself into the yurt locker and let the clowns do the rest.

Highlight of the show – Waiter service to the song, The girl from Ipanema…

Want to see it? – Yurt Locker @ Free Sister – 21:30 until the end of the fringe excluding Tuesdays.

5/5 WIGS


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