Interview with Zach and Viggo

Another Gaulier trained clown act ‘Zach and Viggo: Thunderflop’ spent some time with the Ginger Wig this week. Here is our interview with Zach and Viggo and their responses to our questions.

GW: Hi Zach and Viggo. Nice to have you speaking to the Ginger Wig.

Zach: Thank you ‘The Ginger Wig’ for speaking with Zach and Viggo.

GW: That’s alright. How has your show been going?

Zach: It’s been going pretty good lately.

Viggo: Ye the last days have been good. The start though was a disaster.

Zach: The first week was a real battle getting people in, but then we started doing these cabarets and it went from fivish people a show to now like 15/20 people.

Viggo: Today we had 30!

GW: Great. Right now, first big question of the night, the biggest. Why do you two make comedy?

Zach: Oh man!

Viggo chortles deeply.

Zach: My heart just dropped.

Viggo: Wow. Why do we make comedy? I think because it’s fun.

Zach: Ye. I think it makes everything that is already so serious, much less serious.

Viggo: So if I give a serious answer here its pretty boring. I think it’s because there is so much wanky stuff in the world, we just wanted to do some non-wanky stuff. But just saying that is quite wanky. (He laughs)

Zach: I think we’re dipping into wank mode right now.

Viggo: My parents?

Zach: Ye (laughs.) People often say comedy comes from pain, but for me it’s just fun to do, it’s a break from everything else.

Viggo: I’m a happy person.

Zach: We’re happy we promise, we’re not crying right now.

GW: How does it feel performing at the Edinburgh Fringe?

Zach: It’s surreal.

Viggo: (Laughs) It’s cool!

Zach: It’s the best. It feel’s like we actually have a real job. Like our real job is to be comedians but instead is like oh ye we’re doing a free show. Barely staying alive.

Viggo: Last night I slept three hours. I woke up and a theatre director from Norway was there (in the show) and I just felt so good, adrenaline was just pumping out of my ears. It’s like a dream.

Zach: It’s crazy. When you have somebody there who suprises you it gives you that extra WOOOHOOO and wakes us up from death.

Viggo: We have to tell you about this guy who came to our show. Four days ago. This guy was just sitting in the back. We didn’t see who it was.

Zach: He was hiding in the back the whole show, taking pictures. We couldn’t really see because the lights are so bright and you can’t see that far.

Viggo: At the end of the show, while the show was still going on, he just walks on stage.

Their excitement is building.

Zach: We do this bit where I marry Viggo to somebody in the audience, and in the scene Viggo just says “father, father” and this guy from the back just starts shouting. We couldn’t really hear what he was saying. My first thought was, ah man, its 1:15 in the afternoon, there’s no way there is a drunken heckler here right now.

Viggo: Then he just walks on stage and says “No I am the father!”

Their excitement has continued to grow.

VIggo: And…

Zach: And its…

Viggo: It was my dad!

Zach: It was Viggo’s dad! He flew in from Oslo and suprised us.

Viggo: I didn’t know he was coming he just showed up in the show.

Zach: Then walked Viggo down the aisle to his own fake wedding.

GW: Awesome. Ok well considering we are on the topic of your show, how would you sum up ‘Zach and Viggo: Thunderflop’?

Viggo: It’s a silly and beautiful comedy done by two stupid guys.

Zach: Ye just two stupid people showing everyone: “Hey this is my fantasy of what I find funny”. We like to play, we play fun games with the audience. Its a healthy mixture of playing with them. But also us perfoming and not letting it get out of control, but its a two-way street, its not just “Look at us, we’re so amazing!” We all play together and make something really cool.

Viggo: My dad liked it.

Zach: His dad actually liked it. His dad saw our preview in Oslo and hated it and then came to this one and loved it..

Viggo: We changed a lot from Oslo

Zach: (Laughing) Ye.

GW: Who are your comedy heroes?

Zach: Dr. Brown. He’s taught both of us and he went to our school – L’ecole Philippe Gaulier.

Viggo: Also, Philippe Gaulier, becuase he is like the funniest man ever.

Zach: He is the funniest man in the history of the world.

Viggo: He is an evil wizard.

Zach: He is an evil evil man, but the most loving evil man that ever eviled. Trygve Wakenshaw he’s another lovely good one. Johnny Wooly.

Viggo: He’s our director.

Zach: He’s also actually sitting behind us right now.

They both laugh.

GW: Whats your favourite thing about being at the Fringe?

Viggo: I have been here three years, just watching stuff, I just love being part of it and the atmosphere. There are so many cool artists that you can hang with.

Zach: I think this is the Mecca of the weirdest, coolest, most beautiful people and they all come here to do their thing for three weeks. Everywhere you look, you see someone and you’re like, ye, “I don’t know you but I feel like I get you.” We are all here for the same reason.

Viggo: Today I cried. I saw Chinese dance, and I got to hang out with Zach, who I think is the funniest guy in the world (He laughs) I was really happy!

Zach: The best thing going off what he was saying is, Viggo makes me laugh super duper hard all the time.

Viggo: Ahhh.

Zach: And so just backstage knowing that, ye, that guy is the guy I get to make a show with, it never gets stale, its always different.

Viggo: I actually cried today. ‘Every Brilliant Thing’ It’s a very good show.

GW: What are your personal picks from the Fringe?

Viggo: I want to say ‘Every Brilliant Thing’ that I saw today, beautiful.

Zach: I saw a show yesterday, a beautiful clown show by this guy called Spencer Jones called ‘The Herbert in Proper Job’. Beautiful, beautiful show.

Viggo: I liked ‘Plague of Idiots”. They are so stupid and so funny.

Zach: They are so good. They are Gaulier people.

Viggo: They are just so stupid. I love it.

Zach: One of our friends Georgia directed for them over the summer and I guess some people were saying “Oh this is just another one of those clown shows, whatever” and then they saw them and saw how stupid they were and someone turned to her and was like “Do they have an education? Are they genuinely this stupid?”

Viggo chortles.

Zach: But that is the best compliment you could ever get. Trygve Wakenshow – Kraken and Nautilus are obviously huge inspirational and fun shows for us . ‘Sam Simmons: Spaghetti for Breakfast’.

Viggo: That was cool.

Zach: That was really cool.

GW: Ok nice. Right, final question. Can you pitch me a brand new Fringe show?

Viggo: Ah, OK. So imagine you’re in a little car…

Zach: And you’re driving this car down the road. You don’t know where you’re going. You got the music on, you’re feeling good.

Viggo: Obviously this car is onstage. Literally there is a car on stage. The show is inside the car so you have to roll down the window and do the whole show from the car.

Zach: So the audience are the drive through people, you can be paying the toll or having a chat with the toll man. You could be getting arrested by somebody.

Viggo: And all the music comes from inside the car. And we have to start packing the show down 30 minutes in because the car is so heavy.

Zach: But that’s also part of the show. So at the end you’re packing everything up and it’s like you’re going on a road trip. Or you’re going off to college. Who knows where you’re going.

Viggo: And you end the show by saying in Norwegian “Turen er målet” which in English is – the trip is the goal itself.

Zach: The trip is the goal itself! And then we hand out bumper stickers and then I think we’re done.

They both laugh.

Viggo: And we can have traffic lights at the entrance.

Zach: Oh ye, so you can stop people from coming in. Then if its yellow they don’t know if they can come in or not.

Viggo: Yes!

They both laugh.

GW: (Laughing) Cool very nice guys.Well thank you very much for your time.

Zach: Thank you. This feels so fun.

GW: Thank you very much Zach and Viggo!

If you want to see Zach and Viggo: Thunderflop! They are on at CC Blooms until Sunday at 12:30


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