The Edinburgh Ginger Wig Awards 2015

And here is our summary of the 2015 Edinburgh Ginger Wig Awards !

Things kicked off with the GWSM Venue Award given to our favourite venue at this years festival. Nominated for the award were, Underbelly’s Big Belly, The Traverse Theatre, The Voodoo Rooms and Pleasance Courtyard’s Pleasance Two. The Voodoo Rooms took the award for their gorgeously decadent cabaret venue. Big Belly took the runners-up award.

Second was the Young Wig Award, given to our favourite act created by young performers or for a show aimed at young audiences. Nominated we had Disparat Theatre’s ‘Rebounding Hail’, Bad Habit Theatre’s ‘China Doll’, Erasmus Production’s ‘Birdland’ and Tap Tap Theatre’s ‘Captain Morgan 2: The Sea of Souls’. Disparat Theatre picked up the award for their magical ‘Rebounding Hail’ with Erasmus Productions scooping the runner-up award with ‘Birdland’.

Next was the Premiére Award for a show premièring at the Fringe. Nominated was ‘China Doll’, ‘Paris Communal Shower’, ‘One For My Baby’ from Now You Know Theatre and ‘Rebounding Hail’. Now You Know Theatre took the award for ‘One For My Baby’, their beautiful and striking play about Frank Sinatra. Bad Habit Theatre took the runner-up award for ‘China Doll’.

The Strolling Man Award is given to the show we find most interesting and thought-provoking. This year’s nominees included ‘Spillikin: A Love Story’ from Pipeline Theatre, ‘The Christians’, produced by the Gate Theatre, ‘Down and Out in Paris and London by New Diorama Theatre and Institute from Gecko Theatre. The Gate Theatre took the prize for ‘The Christians’ an incredibly powerful and thought-provoking piece. Runners-up were New Diorama Theatre for ‘Spillikin: A Love Story’.

And finally the main award – The Ginger Wig Award itself. Awarded annually to our favourite show in any discipline at the Edinburgh Fringe. This year’s nominations ranged from clown and comedy, to theatre, circus and puppetry. Nominated was ‘L’Enfant Qui’ from Belgian theatre group Théâtre d’un Jour, ‘Paris Communal Shower’, ‘One For My Baby’ and ‘Bruce’ from The Last Great Hunt Theatre. Taking the grand prize was ‘Paris Communal Shower’ for their frightening, absurd and hysterical clown show. The runner-up prize went to Théâtre d’un Jour for ‘L’enfant Qui’.

Congratulations to everyone who put on shows at this years Fringe. You are all winners to us. Keep making beautiful art and we will see you all back at the fringe next year!


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