Sam Simmons: Spaghetti for Breakfast at Soho Theatre

Maybe more appropriately called ‘Things That Shit Me’ – regular stand-up comedy this was not. This was part physical comedy, part clowning, part unsettling of an audience, part personal therapy and part attack on the boring and samey culture that standard ‘man in jeans telling you how it is’ stand-up comedy has become. Sam Simmons was an absolute force of energy – and he was not wearing any jeans. Not perturbed by any reaction from the crowd whether positive or negative, he used it all to his advantage, letting us know when things worked better in Edinburgh, or when he was about to do a joke that was just for himself. A perfect connection between a comedian and his material. Void of any sensitivity to its reception – perfect.

Filled with many hilarious moments such as; what happens when one pigeon catches up with another, how his mother punished him for leaving the bathroom window open when he was a child, and who in the front row had what jeans on. This was then expanded to what colour they were, how well they fitted and what brand they were… Admittedly that all sounds very odd and that’s exactly what it was. This is exactly what makes comedy like this stand out from the samey normalness of stand-up comedy presented by comedians ‘with names like Russell and Dave.’

Sam Simmons won the audience over with his character and charm, not to mention his wild array of props, his chugging a can of Stella and the insights he gave us about his life and the ‘things that shit me’. Maybe things were more fluid when he was in more of a physical state and certainly he drew great amusement when involving the crowd. There was Frank, a man in the front row Sam kept coming back too, being pulled up first, you guessed it, to have his jeans inspected, questioning people about their favourite soups, in this situation do not admit to your favourite soup being tomato and mascarpone, constantly focusing on one of the Ginger Wig members and their beautiful brown eyes and then dancing on their chair, crotch to face, and then finally bringing Frank back on stage one last time for a post beer wrestle.

This was not conventional comedy, and this is exactly why it shined so much. It is clear to see why Sam picked up the Foster’s Best Comedy Show at the Edinburgh Fringe. He kept us laughing, surprised and shocked all night long. Taking us not just to laugh out loud moments but further with the originality and personality of his comedy. Catch him at the Soho Theatre until the 10th October.

Highlight of the show – the breakfast drug sequence.

WIGS 5/5


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