Spencer Jones is the Herbert in Proper Job at Soho Theatre

Part-kid, part-Mr Bean, part-special case, this comedian takes us on a child-like adventure through life with a wild array of props and toys. Although rarely speaking clearly, his message comes through loud and clear – we are all just big kids!

It’s almost as if he is taking a look at his life from the perspective of his own inner child. In doing so his comedy is given an endearing quality that lights up his oddball persona. He has some great character comedy within him, imitating all of those close to him, by simply using different shaped eyeballs for each character and poking fun at their attitudes and personalities.

There is surgical glove balloon making, mouths on sticks, and plenty of playing with toys – the groan sticks and those from the west country are highlights.   Spencer imbues these with a renewed sense of fun. He ends the show with a great musical finale with lots of audience participation in the most random and wonderful ways, bringing home the message that ‘Life is just a game!’

This was a extremely lighthearted and enjoyable, with Spencer, the funny man, at the centre of it all. His style was unique as was his brand of comedy which can be enjoyed by all ages.

Highlight of the show – He and his son at the hospital finally getting the diagnosis from the doctor about his son’s eye problem (unusual appearance) hysterically linked back to an earlier sketch involving a nuclear power plant.

WIGS 4/5


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