Christmas Farce by West Avenue Theatre Company at the Rosemary Branch


Not to name-drop, but last week the West Avenue Theatre Company put on  Christmas Farce at The Rosemary Branch Theatre.

At the end of a long walk from Highbury and Islington, we eventually came across the Rosemary Branch Pub. Filled with life and great food, this was the perfect little pub to settle down in for a night of theatre.

The show itself was written by Shaun Kitchener and directed by Hannah Rowley. Set backstage at a regional theatre, a highly-strung director is trying to cobble together a show, whilst each actor, with or without intention, causes the whole show to fall apart. Last minute dropouts, frying pan fights and steamy affairs all fill the action, but despite the setbacks the show still manages to get to the end. The backstage of this nativity performance was a trifle of jokes. Each character was uniquely funny and all the actors brought their own elements of humour to this production.

Created by West Avenue Theatre Company, a London-based theatre company, they have excelled with Farce. We were in stitches throughout over Katherine Edrupt’s peachy actress, Georgie, who has a tale to tell for every occasion, Jack Gogarty’s gay actor, Danny, determined to be straight, and William Sebag-Montefiore’s slapstick and haphazard Samuel, and his eventually successful advances on Georgie. In its entirety, this piece was pure comic class, with every actor breathing comic life into Shaun’s play.

It was a real pre-Christmas treat, at a pub well worth trekking to for their great food and the great night of comedy theatre we enjoyed. Well done to West Avenue Theatre Company and Shaun Kitchener for this hysterical show.

Highlight of the show – Georgie’s countless announcements of “not to name drop but…”. Working with Hugh Grant in Bognor Regis was a highlight I’m sure.

WIGS 4/5


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