3 Guys Naked from the Waist Down by Jerry Colker, Finborough Theatre

This was the first production of the Off Broadway production in the UK for 25 years and it was well worth having it back. Although some of the jokes have dated a bit, the madness of three young comics struggling to make a living was tale enough for an extremely jolly evening for the GingerWig.

Ted, Phil and Kenny, three very different comics, come together to form a comedy group in order to chase the American dream, although they all handle the highs and lows of it very differently. Ted has his cocksure attitude, Phil will bash anyone with his baseball bat if they rile him up the wrong way – he’s just an angry guy – and Kenny has his religion whilst also being on the verge of madness – a real highlight to the play.

Music was provided by a five piece band, that accompanies a number of good songs. Most were short or interrupted by comic speech, a pattern that worked well, whilst there was a recurring drum beat that underscored some of the script to add meaning and emphasis to their mission to become superstars.

There was some seriously great comic acting from all three actors but particularly from Guy Woolf with the maddest of the three characters – Kenny. He showed a range of comedy and an ability to split between many different characters and accents at once that really stole the show for us.

An interesting revival with a lot of good humour and music to entertain. Well done to the Finborough for continuing to unearth forgotten works.

Highlights of the Show – Kenny having a conversation with four different hands under a sheet, when a dispute over a game of ping pong led to various baby limbs being chucked out into the audience, one landing directly in the GingerWig’s lap. The moment Kenny Started praying to God, with a mask on the top of his head, tilting his head to the ground and then as God speaking as  from the mask to himself.

WIGS 3/5


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