Found & Lost by Emily Hall at Corinthia Hotel, London

When The Corinthia Hotel in London reopened four years ago, they took the very intriguing step of creating Corinthia’s Artist in Residence scheme – a cultural programme that supports emerging talent and the arts. I don’t know many hotels that do such a thing, but it is certainly an inspired decision enabling performing artists to make use of such a beautiful venue and to benefit from the high-end partnerships the hotel has developed; Bowers & Wilkins, Champagne Laurent-Perrier and others.

Emily Hall is this year’s artist in residence. She has created ‘Found & Lost’ an opera installation that takes the audience through the hotel, including its rooms, restaurants, and power plant underbelly. Conceived as a tryst between a hotel developer and a black-mailing lover, we follow these two around as the developer slowly descends into a drunken stupor in which state the lover takes advantage…

We were guided by a chorus of excellent singers, who demonstrated a very good quality of singing with a great range of dynamics for such an usual space. Not only this but clearly the design team had thought long and hard about effective locations in which to sing in order to make the most of the acoustics on offer. Furthermore there was some excellent sound design provided by the clever use of mics and speakers that were carried along with us and at one point by us the audience. Oliver Coates accompanied on cello all around the hotel, sometimes live and sometimes through the speakers.

This was a one-off experience, that you don’t often find in London, and we urge you to get along to witness it. A promenade opera in a beautiful hotel, ending with a glass of champers in the extremely jazzy Bassoon Bar. What more could one want? Well done to Emily Hall for this lovely work and well done to Corinthia Hotel for being so badass in having an artist in residence.

Highlight of the show – the moment we were led through a restaurant and up some stairs complimented by some lovely singing. Also the underbelly scene, very atmospheric with their use of location, flashlights and sound.

WIGS 4/5


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