In the Night Time (Before the Sun Rises) by Nina Segal at the GATE Theatre

Young playwright Nina Segal has written her first play, and it’s a goodun. Concerned with the age-old worry of parents bringing a child into the world, this piece seems even more potent considering the significantly worse state of our world today.

Set over the course of one evening, a couple narrate the moment they met and when they moved in together and had a baby. We meet them in the dead of the night, trying to get their newborn baby to stop crying. Tracing a huge emotional arc for these characters, this play shows the highs and lows of raising a child and being in a relationship, against a backdrop of everything that is wrong with the world.

At the opening, the characters are literally wrapped up with their possessions and household appliances in cling film, and then steadily build their house around them, eventually building the cot for their new born baby. Whilst in this home building mode of putting up lights and plugging in the fridge the concerns and worries deriving from much larger external issues are communicated through the smaller issues of parenthood. This contrasts beautifully the notions of the ideal home and family with the fear and worries of parenthood in our contemporary world.

The play reaches a dramatic midpoint during which everything seems to fall apart, but the characters eventually bring their lives back to some form of normality at its denouement. Well-acted by the young cast of Adelle Leonce and Alex Waldmann delivering a believable young couple experiencing the ups and downs of life together. There was also extremely good staging and use of props in this production.

Highlight of the show – when everything fell apart in the ‘Bird and the Knife’ section. And of course the demonic flashing head baby.

Wigs 4/5


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