Tickets Under £15

Continuing our regular feature, we have picked out some more great theatre from the upcoming London schedule that you can see for under £15!


Night Flyer – Lion and Unicorn (10, 11, 12 March) – £11

“About teenagers on the cusp of real adulthood facing the reality of life and all its problems; their abuse of drugs, alcohol and each other.”

The Delights of Dogs and the Problems of People – Courtyard Theatre (15 March – 23 April) £14 (£11 Concession)

“This is a play for anyone who has been in love or experienced heartbreak or has had to get out of bed on a chilly night to let the bloody dog out for a pee.”

RUN – New Diorama Theatre (15 March – 9 April) – £15 (£12.50 Concessions)

“Four ambitious twenty somethings enter the job market. What better way to start than a summer internship at a high end City bank? Motivated and hungry, they are ready to commit themselves, whatever it takes. The stakes are high.”

The Rules of Inflation – Theatre N16 (20-24 March) – £12 (£10 Concessions)

“Join our party and find the connection between a right wing political leader and a sadistic drag queen clown. For there is plenty.”


Clay – Pleasance Islington (12 – 24 April) – £12 (£10 Concessions)

“Clay scrutinises a questionable sexual encounter, exploring the often remarkable difference between individual perception and reality.”

Wail – Battersea Arts Centre (5 – 23 April) – £12.50 (5-7 April) £15/12.50 for the rest of the run.

Why do whales sing? Why do humans wail?


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