Tickets Under £15

Our latest dose of affordable theatre tickets. Including some of our favourite pub theatres and some theatres we have yet to visit. Get your fix, people…

In theatres now…

The Brink – Orange Tree Theatre – £12 Under 30s tickets available – 7-30 April

“History teacher Nick is on the edge. A hidden secret lies under the Brink. Nick can’t get it out of his mind. A series of visions force him to investigate what lies beneath.”

The Brink background image 1600x915

Coming soon…

Low Level Panic – Bread And Roses Theatre – £10/8, £7 Previews – 12-30 April

“Set in a bathroom, Clare McIntyre’s acclaimed and award-winning play is a bright, warm, sometimes wet and messy dark-comedy about three young women. Through its fearless comedy Low Level Panic explores female experiences in our world and the objectification, fear and challenges these young women face on a daily basis.”


Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens – Kings Head Theatre – £10 Previews and dynamic pricing, £14 etc… – 26 April – 21 May

“In a seedy cabaret bar on the dark side of a distant planet, artistes are being picked off by a serial killer with a penchant for sequins… Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens is a truly immersive theatrical experience.”


A Kingdom for a Stage – Chelsea Theatre – £10 Concessions (£15 standard price) 28 April – 7 May

“William Shakespeare sits in the heavens with his peers excited by the recreation of his Globe theatre in London and by the four hundredth anniversary of his death. With Puck’s assistance he returns to London believing that everything is very much better. But has anything really changed? And what does this mean for the future?”


On the horizon…

The Local Stigmatic – Old Red Lion Theatre – £14/12 – 3-28 May

“The Local Stigmatic is a sinister, deeply disturbing study of psychosis, fame, obsession and envy. Darkly comical at times, it reveals an element of society and its fascination with ‘celebrity’, but also the resentment that it can provoke.”


The Quentin Dentin Show – Above the Arts Theatre – £12.90/10.90 (£8.90 Previews) – 16-28 May

“Keith and Nat’s relationship needs intensive care. So when they accidentally summon the supernatural therapist Quentin Dentin out of the radio, it seems like a dream come true. But the charming Mr Dentin’s mission of happiness has an altogether darker purpose… also, he won’t stop singing.”



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