Lucky Stiff by Ahrens and Flaherty at the Drayton Arms


Lucky Stiff is a riot of a musical, pulling together a most outrageous story and hilarious song and dance numbers. Put together by MKEC Productions, we have the added of benefit of it being performed by a tremendous cast of singer actors.

Harry Witherspoon receives a telegram announcing the death of his uncle, whom he has never met, bequeathing him six million dollars in his will. The only catch is that in order to claim it, he must take his deceased uncle on one last gambling trip to Monte Carlo. What ensues is a madcap adventure to France where its not only Harry trying to claim the money but a host of assorted characters whose claims may or may not be legitimate.

Cue some extraordinary characters played by the terrific cast of Nicholas Chiappetta, James Douglas-Brennan, Barbara Jaeson, Rachel Lea-Gray, Ross McNeill, Paul Tate and Andrew Truluck, including a dentist, French Rivera socialites, butlers and maids, and cabaret girls. Rita La Porta was definitely our favourite character, with her over the top New Jersey style wonderfully played by Elizabeth Chadwick.

Leading man Matt Whitby brought great comedy to the character of Harry Witherspoon, and performs his songs extremely well. It is as if Prince Harry had got lost in the gambling world of Monte Carlo in this Ahrens and Flaherty musical. The love interest, initially more focused on canines, is Michelle Crook as Annabel Glick. She delivered a tear jerking and beautiful rendition of ‘Times Like This’.

Marc Kelly has done a wonderful job in this production, losing none of the entertainment and musicality of this show, with his well crafted version. Great support from the band too.

A revival we never thought we would see. Don’t miss this rare treat!

Highlight of the Show – The cabaret sequence including ‘Speaking French’ and ‘Times Like This’ – bringing tears to the eyes of La Gíngy Strollér.

WIGS 4/5

Catch ‘Lucky Stiff’ at the Drayton Arms until 14 May 2016.

The Ginger Wig


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