Masquerade by yello brick at the Brighton Festival

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Our first show at the 2016 Brighton Festival and it was a fully immersive one. Meeting on George Street in Hove we were led into the steam powered world of Ebenezer Gibson. Cries of “Steam powered land shark coming through” drew us to the event as we found several steam punk characters readying a crowd of people for a masquerade.

We danced and played games, whilst trying to climb the social ladder of our colony, as rumours and whispers spread of an upcoming revolution. Simultaneously we were sent text messages by our steam powered cellular devices, guiding us on how to dance and take part.

This was a very interesting experiment from ‘yello brick’ combining immersive performance and technology. We only wish there had been more storytelling. None the less we took infinite pleasure form the words of the Marquis in this fun and uplifting start to our first Brighton Festival!

Highlight of the show – Steam punk and street games, a winning combination.

WIGS 3/5

The Ginger Wig


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