The Quentin Dentin Show Above the Arts Theatre


Quentin and The Magnets – Photography Mihaela Bodlovic \\ AliceBoreas Photograpy

We were very lucky to go to the space above the Arts Theatre this week. Rumour has it, the Arts Club is set to undergo a huge transformation into a more functioning and successful theatre and dining venue, we imagine somewhat like Soho Theatre. Our ticket was to see ‘The Quentin Dentin Show’, following its run at the Edinburgh Fringe last year. A mix of ‘1984’, a David Bowie album, and your last relationship, this was a bizarre mix of influences, none of which however are out of place in a rock musical.

Set in Nat and Keith’s flat, we are first introduced to The Magnets and the man who is to play Quentin Dentin, drifting around the space in white jumpsuits as we entered. The band sat on the side, similarly attired, with the addition of dark sunglasses.

Nat and Keith’s relationship seems to be at an end. However, it is given one last chance of revival with the arrival of Quentin Dentin through the radio. He bursts into life with a ferocious energy that startles the hapless Keith and Nat. With a seemingly evil superior, Nat and Keith seem to spurn his help, culminating in their rejection of his golden pill. It makes no difference however as the two split up regardless.

The singing required for this style of music is not our favourite. Having been born in the 90’s, that 80s style was somewhat lost on us. Not to take anything away from the band, who were very engaging. The pianist provided backing vocals and kept things together, and was supported by a drummer and a guitarist.

There was definitely something about Quentin, played by Luke Lane. He had an energy and dynamism that was perfectly suited to the show. Sadly, the show didn’t really seem to go anywhere and was weighed down by the sad couple trying to sort out their relationship. The dialogue was weak as was the content of the songs, however the physicality of the piece was very attractive, with great contributions from the two Magnets.

This show had its moments, but it didn’t quite connect with us. It is however, always good to see young actor, musicians and producers, putting things together. How else can one learn?

Highlight of the show – the magnets with their brilliant facial expressions and physicality.

WIGS 3/5

The Ginger Wig


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