LoveHard at Laughing Horse @ The Hobgoblin

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Some times the best things in life are free. In this case it was the entertaining free comedy due of Jacob and Tyler presenting us with a hysterical horror themed romp in deepest darkest Scotland. With a host of over 20 character played between the two chaps, they covered accents all across the British Isles in great style.

A young American family have just moved into their new home in Scotland, having left a dark secret behind in America. The unfriendly locals are less than happy to have another American family move in, but luckily they are moving into a haunted house. But is it really haunted or is this just another case of a militant Scottish community trying to keep yanks out?

The boys entertained us with their slick style, silly accents, and loosely structured play, that was open to the odd improvised gag. The blocked exhaust pipe had us in stitches, whilst the host of unusual pier salesman, had the whole crowd roaring with laughter. They also created some very creepy moments through the use of clever lighting and walkie talkies.

Simple and very effective. Comedy doesn’t need to be harder than this. Great storytelling and great fun. Catch them before they finish!

Highlight of the show – Vendors selling babies to throw at dildos, and selling dildos to throw at babies.

WIGS 4/5

The Ginger Wig


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