The Bookbinder by Trick of the Light at Sweet Dukebox


It is sad when you go to children’s/family theatre and there are only two kids in the audience. Especially when what you see is a charming, wonder filled fairytale that leaves you in awe. Nonetheless, ‘Trick of the Light’ from New Zealand have created a great show here for all ages.

A bookbinder is looking for a young apprentice to work for him. He starts to tell us about the previous boy who worked for him and so begins his beautifully spun tale. The previous apprentice had been sucked into a book and adventures on a mesmerising journey to try and regain a lost page from a book he unwittingly promised to repair for an old lady in a single day.

Merging beautiful storytelling, shadow puppetry and an ingenious pop up book, Ralph McCubbin Howell does extremely well to lead and narrate this one man show and fills the room with warmth. Never before have we seen such an effective use of a table lamp, a cleverer use of ink or a more outrageous pair of scissors.

Highlight of the Show – The endless surprises, magic and wonder.

WIGS – 4/5

The Ginger Wig



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