Switchboard by Produced Moon at Marlborough Theatre


Our second day at the Brighton Fringe began with another technology-based piece called ‘Switchboard’ by Produced Moon. Having already taken part in two other shows which specifically stated the need for a fully charged phone, we were keen to see how this piece would utilise our mobiles.

We were led by ‘Maintenance’ to Brighton Pavilion and were there given instructions about how we would be contacting the ‘Switchboard’. With the relevant numbers saved we then awaited a call. When it came, we were told to wander off into the pavilion and observe the people and the world around us. We were told we would be joining a special network on the switchboard and would be getting in contact with someone. That someone was Aya, an Egyptian lesbian.

We were asked to respond to her and continue exploring the pavilion. We were also asked to talk about a favourite childhood park we visited and at one point told to demand change for the injustices of the world by shouting CHANGE! Ultimately, this piece was about the ownership of a narrative, as it soon became clear that Aya was in fact a made up person, which an American writer had created from the stories of others.

This was an interesting focus for a piece and certainly the main question raised was something our group had to think long and hard about. However, some of this piece seemed disconnected. Furthermore, we didn’t seem to have too much influence on the interactive element, as it felt like we were all getting the same texts. It raised the question over whether this was the right medium to be telling this story.

Nonetheless this was an inventive attempt at storytelling and with brand new technology trailed it was exciting to be a part of it. Furthermore I don’t think we would have ever explored the beautiful Brighton Pavilions had we not been to this show. A good attempt at a new form of theatre.

Highlight of the piece – speaking to Produced Moon to understand the piece and exploring the pavilion.

WIGS 3/5

The Ginger Wig


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