Torn Apart (Dissolution) by BJ McNeill at Distrikt

torn apart

Sometimes in life, outside forces affect and guide our life. In ‘Torn Apart (Dissolution)’ we see how a couple’s actions and decisions in 80’s Germany have affected the lives of others. Set over three decades we meet Alina and her lover, a Canadian soldier, who have met in Germany in the 80s, Elliott and Casey a young couple in 90’s London and Holly and Erica, a couple in the present day. Each story spun its own course, whilst the link between the three stories slowly became present.

From the Ginger Wig’s perspective, the middle story of a young south London boy and his Australian girlfriend, facing the prospect of her expiring visa was the most arresting, due to our first hand experience of how such a situation can put a relationship under a microscope. In such a situation all decisions a couple wish to make regarding their future will be clouded by this barrier.

Writer and director BJ McNeill has crafted a moving story, dealing with the fundamental issue of love and how we handle it when outside factors affect our lives. His writing is real and fresh, showing a maturity that defies his age. There were very strong performances from all six actors; Nastazja Somers, Leonard Sillevis, Elliott Rogers, Hannah Kerlin, Sarah Hastings and Monty Leigh who inhabited their parts excellently. The use of their natural accents set this piece in the real world. The fact that they had workshopped the piece during the writing process was present in how grounded the actors were in their characters. There was an element of being caged in this piece which all actors expressed both delicately and ferociously.

This was a very moving play which everyone will be able to relate to. No Offence Theatre are a company on the up, brilliantly led by Nastazja and BJ, a pair that know how to make the right decisions, regarding the shape and life of their work. It was a shame only, that we couldn’t thank the cast for their performances in a curtain call. 

Highlight of the Piece – Seeing a young company, making present, powerful theatre that makes an audience question their values.

WIGS 4/5

The Ginger Wig


2 thoughts on “Torn Apart (Dissolution) by BJ McNeill at Distrikt

  1. […] Close runners-up in this category include the charming Bosco Spiegeltent and the perfectly situated Republic, but the winner of the 2016 Brighton Wig Venue Award goes to the groovy Distrikt at The Spire Arts Centre. This converted church has some beautiful stained glass windows and now serves drinks and has great art and theatre like No Offence’s ‘Torn Apart (Dissolution)‘. […]


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