Brickhead: Yeah Yeah, Yeah? at the Blue Man

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 23.25.10

It was a good festival for us for free comedy. And this was no exception. Lecoq/Gaulier-trained clown Brickhead gave us a show of pure madness that left us quoting him for the rest of the night. Entering the space holding up a railed curtain, his entrance was a swarm of ticks, twitches and awkwardness as everything feel apart around him as he tried to set up for his opening. Naturally the whole audience found this hysterical putting us in the perfect mood for his show.

He started with predominately physical comedy and was comfortable getting the audience involved, to the point of leading off and leaving one patron in the bathroom. It seemed odd to us when he then went into a more vocalised form of comedy that ended with the phrase “down the hallway.” However the randomness of this phrase was made even more funny when it was then taken back into his physical comedy.

This was a completely random and brilliant show! Brickhead will dust your house and have you laughing for hours.

Highlight of the piece – the never ending telephone call – Kate is clearly the most annoying person in the entire world…

WIGS 4/5


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