The Thermos Museum at the Komedia Store Room

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And so we come to what was clearly going to be the weirdest shows at the Brighton Fringe: The Thermos Museum. Effectively a traveling museum for thermos flasks and related gear. For something so off the wall, it needed an equally strange venue. And so the space? Behind the Komedia comedy store in Brighton, by their bins, up their fire escape ladder and in their laundry room. In fact the bins acted as very effective plinths for showing of the various thermos flasks of the museum…

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Leading the tour, was a mysterious tour guide, whose dour personality was extremely funny. He would snap at us to tell us there was no talking on the tour at one moment and then wistfully reminisce about various thermos of bygone years in the next moment.

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This was the ultimate fringe experience, one strange person, making a very strange show, in a very strange location, leaving ten strangers speechless to the madness they had just witnessed. This is what Fringe festival theatre is about!

Highlight of the show – Thermoses of the world? The oldest thermos ever? The Royal thermoses? All wonderful in their banality!

WIGS 4/5



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