Eigengrau by Penelope Skinner at the Kings Head Theatre

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 02.57.48

This was a brilliant revival of Penelope Skinner’s second play written in 2010. The story follows four twenty-somethings living in London, as they are brought together by, Gumtree, romance, and an incident with a stiletto.

This was a brilliant revival, coming from last year’s Brighton Fringe Festival. Hannah Joss has done a wonderful job, bringing theses characters to life in her fine choice of actors. There is sad, underwhelming Tim, feminist Cassie, confident Mark, and slightly mad Rose. The characters are brought together through Mark’s and Rose’s one night stands. The following day Mark actually find himself more attracted to the flatmate Cassie, whilst she sees him as a misogynistic city boy. Eventually a sort of relationship develops between them even though Rose cannot let go of Mark. Everything falls apart at which point Tim falls in love with Rose.

This was a charmingly written play, full of comedy and the sometimes sad human relations of young people today. We were left at the end debating whether or not Mark loved Cassie. We thought he did and were further convinced when we recalled that, Mark initially chose Earl Grey over Rose Hip on his first encounter with Cassie. He had initially asked for Rose Hip. Cassie Gray was clearly his choice.

The entire cast were spectacular with Annie Jackson, Lotti Maddox, James Sheldon and Nicholas Stafford as the four characters. Furthermore the decision to allow props and clutter to accumulate during the play seemed appropriate given the messy nature of life.

This was a really warm evening of theatre, despite one extremely shocking scene. Well done to Hannah and the whole team behind this timely revival of Eigengrau.

Highlight of the show – the perfect culmination of a gag involving Tim’s grandmother’s ashes and a cigarette butt.

WIGS 4/5


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