Radiator by Madeleine Bye at the Tristan Bates Theatre

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 00.00.37

The Camden Fringe is sure to throw up some original new theatre in London and this was no exception from Ecole Philippe Gaulier graduates, Bezoomney Theatre.

A girl is alone in her house. Waiting for her shopping to be delivered and answering the door should be a straightforward scenario, but for her, this is not the case. She drinks tea, she has lots of different teas, and sorts out her hair before starting to talk to her radiator. She plays games with it and tells it lots of things all of which is rather amusing. However, clearly all is not well with Susan…

The overriding theme of this show was mental illness and, in particular, social anxiety. Julia Masli was brilliant as Susan, trying desperately to overcome her anxiety. Her facial expressions and movements were laden with an angsty uneasy curiosity that made this character completely believable. Writer and director Madeleine Bye has created a very different piece of theatre here that goes inside the head of someone suffering from this condition. Superficially, it would be easy to interpret a talking radiator as a piece of surrealism. Sadly, this is someone’s reality. Humorous, bizarre and completely off the wall at times, this piece of theatre put us face to face with the everyday hurdles that people with mental illness encounter.

This was completely original theatre from some up and coming theatre makers. Get down to Tristan Bates Theatre before it closes this Saturday 6th August to see it for yourself…

Highlight of the piece – snakes and ladders with a radiator…

WIGS 4/5



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