Adventures of Tracey Tracey by Bezoomny Theatre at Camden Comedy Club

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 09.50.45

The loveable yet sad Tracey Tracey was the host for our second helping of Camden Fringe theatre. Performed at the Camden Comedy Club, this was another helping of Gaulier trained comedy.

Tracey Tracey is celebrating her birthday, although she has no one to share it with, except her imaginary friends that is, and her audience. She imagines all sorts of scenarios including performing as Beyonce, celebrating a wild birthday party and going on dates, all the while avoiding the fact that she is clearly friendless and lonely.

This was another example of what these particular Gaulier graduates are great at. Presenting an outwardly funny story, that is actually rather sad on the inside. We were chuckling throughout however, at Tracey Tracey’s entire character, her accent and her look. Then there was her interpretation of a makeup tutorial resulting in a face covered with custard… Performed by Nicola Cross, this show was equally funny and heartbreaking and was great entertainment for a Sunday afternoon.

These clowns are at it again. Look out for Bezoomny Theatre in Edinburgh and elsewhere throughout the year. Certainly look out for Tracey Tracey though. She deserves your love. Maybe you would like to take her on a date as well?

Highlight of the show – Tracey Tracey asking us for wine advice…

WIGS 4/5


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