Macbeth by Prowl Theatre Company at the Courtyard Theatre

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 23.34.31

Prowl Theatre Company have brought an exciting new adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth to the Courtyard Theatre. It is definitely worth checking out…

Having cut the original play text down considerably, the story of the ambitious general sparkles into life with the three lively witches proclaiming their prophecy. The tale shoots through King Duncan’s death, really taking hold in the second half of the production as we witness Macbeth and his wife’s rapid descent. Banquo’s ghostly return and Macduff’s pain at the murder of his family power this piece to it’s finale and Macbeth’s ultimate demise.

A fantastic ensemble cast brought this piece to life, with great performances throughout. Sophie Spreadbuy brought a great intensity to her Lady Macbeth, whilst Tom Durant-Pritchard did a tremendous job as the doomed King. Joe Stuckey performed with an ease and naturalism as Banquo, whilst Helene Kosem had a great power about her witch.

This is a young theatre company shaking things up in the world of Shakespeare. They did not need any set to tell this tale, and why should you? They created the perfect atmosphere with the lighting and their movement around the stage and audience, creating a ferocious energy to this highly charged production. Tom Durant-Pritchard and Edward Nash have done a great job directing this piece.

This was swift but present Shakespeare performed by a very talented bunch of young actors. Catch it at the Courtyard before it closes on 27th August.

Highlight of the piece – Banquo’s bloody return…

WIGS 4/5


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