Freud: The Musical by Natasha Sutton-Williams at the Kings Head Theatre


A force of energy that made you wonder if what she was snorting was actually cocaine, Natasha Sutton-Williams has created a hilarious and disturbing musical account of the life of Sigmund Freud.

Set in his office, we are introduced to Natasha’s eccentric version of the famous Austrian psychologist, a host of his patients and his cat, Oedipussy – who has quite a significant place in Sigmund’s life. He tries to stay in control of his life, forgetting to charge his patients and whizzing through a kilo of the white stuff, while steadily developing the theories that marked him as the father of psychoanalysis, namely his ‘Oedipus complex’.

Natasha Sutton-Williams is an electrifying performer, bringing several different characters to life throughout the production. Her Sigmund was delightful. Responsible for not only performing this farcical Freudian biography, she also composed the music and wrote the show. Singing a range of ridiculous songs, accompanied by pianist, Phil Blandford, she showed that she has a strong and beautiful voice too.

This show was filled with gags, outrage, and lots of cocaine. Sadly it has finished at the Kings Head Theatre, but if it comes back, be sure to check it out!

Highlight of the piece – Sigmund’s psychoanalysis of little Hans, discovering they both want to kill their fathers and make love to their mutters – “Everyone does!” A hysterical and highly likely portrayal of this light bulb moment.

WIGS 4/5


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