[Title of Show] by Bowen & Bell at the Waterloo East Theatre


With blatant self-awareness, declamatory statements, and seemingly stagnant plot, one might put on a sombrero rather than seeing a musical like [Title of Show]. I insist, keep those sombreros in the attic, because this production at Waterloo East is fantastically witty, with major character conflicts emerging in the second act.

The opening number is clearly in D major. Why? Because Jeff the Composer is naming the notes he writes as the song develops into a duo between himself and Hunter the Writer. We continue on as they joke about masterbation, say f*** too many times, and order turkey burger takeouts in their hilarious pursuit of writing a show about writing a show.

A moderate cast of four, the production stands tall and all members do an amazing job of staying focused and keeping the energy throughout the 100-minute show. Lacking scene changes and costume changes, the production visually stimulates with props and staging, plus a few dance numbers a la Jerome Robbins and Bob Fosse. Standout performance from Louie Westwood as Hunter, who blew us away with his talent for humour and outstanding voice.

There are plenty of struggles modern composers, writers and performers face; this one highlights those struggles but still leaves us uplifted, as the best the artists can do is laugh at their tribulations and keep moving forward.

WIGS 3/5

By Ranga Liliu


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