Tickets Under £15

With theatre prices on the west end touching the £200 mark, we have scoured through everything that is available to find you the hottest tickets you can get your hands on for £15 or less!

In theatres now…

Torn Apart – Theatre N16 – £14/10 – Until 30 Sept


Torn Apart (Dissolution) puts women centre stage and deals with issues such as feminism, immigration, male repression, fate, homosexuality, but above all it explores the most painful aspects of human conditioning. Read our review of Torn Apart at the Brighton Fringe.

Sid – Arts Theatre – £14/12 – Until 8 Oct


He’s not having a good day. People don’t understand him, his musical tastes are derided, his best mate is a punkrocker who died in the seventies.

Coming soon…

The Resurrectionist – Etcetera Theatre – £12/10 – 27 Sep – 9 Oct


A brilliant scientist strives to protect his creation in the face of universal revulsion and hostility. Set in Switzerland during the stormy summer of 1816, ‘The Resurrectionist’ reveals for the first time, the extraordinary ‘true’ events which inspired Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

The Rules of Inflation – Drayton Arms Theatre – £14/10 – 4 Oct – 8 Oct


Want to come and play? You are invited to our party. We live in a world of power, rules and leaders. But really, it’s just one big game. Read our review of The Rules of Inflation at Theatre N16.

On the horizon…

The House of Usher – Hope Theatre – £15/12 – 18 Oct – 5 Nov (Tues to Sat)


Secrets surface, friendships are tested and a dark secret threatens to bring the House of Usher crashing down. Based on Edgar Allan Poe’s gothic masterpiece “The Fall of The House of Usher” with a brand new score and a small cast of exceptional actor-musicians this gothic musical thriller promises to be the Halloween show not to miss.

We Are Ian – New Diorama Theatre – £12.50/10.50 – 11/12 Nov, 1/2 Dec


1989. Manchester. A frenzy of drugs, beats and bucket hats. Illegal raves. Acid parties. Just jumping up and down in a field and throwing two fingers to Thatcher… Remember it? Winners of the Brighton Fringe award for excellence.


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