Tickets Under £15

That’s right folks, it’s time for your latest dose of affordable theatre for you to get all excited about…

In Theatres Now

Imogen – The Globe £5 in the pit until the 16th October


©Tristram Kenton 

London. 2016. A strange and unsettled time – where men and the violence of gangs rules the streets. In a dangerous world we hear a new voice – Imogen’s.

Skin A Cat – The Bunker – £12 previews £15 concessions until 5th November


Every teenager thinks they’re the only one not having sex. But for Alana, it may well be true. She really wants to, but luck is clearly not on her side. Soon she can’t help wondering: Is it this tricky for everyone else? Because no one ever said it was going to be this complicated.

Coming Soon

Apocalypse Cruise Ship Love Affair – Arts Theatre tue-thu £12/10, fri-sat £14/12, from 25 – 29 October


Welcome aboard Blues Cruise journey no. 666, where the weather is glorious, the Sundeck is heaving and eternally lusty Captain Bleufonde has decided to resurrect his dead lover by sailing into an apocalyptic storm.

Rubber Ring – The Pleasance £12/10, 31 Oct – 6 Nov


Jimmy’s sixteen, sexually confused and stuck in Sheringham; the seaside town they forgot to bomb. When Morrissey comes to London, Jimmy flees to the city to try and find his hero and himself.

On the Horizon

Borderline – The Cockpit


S: I’m a theatre maker. I’ve been volunteering and doing workshops in Calais for a year now. M. gave me your number. I want to create a comedy play with refugees about the Jungle.


P: A comedy?…  About the Jungle???

Silence. Big smile.

P: Yes, I love comedy!!!

Bright Lucifer – The White Bear Theatre £15/12, 8 Nov – 3 Dec


On the verge of a nervous breakdown Jack retreats from the world with his brother Bill to an isolated family cabin, planning a long weekend of whisky, fishing and brotherly love. All doesn’t go to plan. As the brothers descend into madness and paranoia, only one question matters; who or what is Eldred Brand?


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