Apocalypse Cruise Ship Love Affair by Theo McCabe at the Arts Theatre


A trip to Apocalypse Cruise Ship Love Affair is a trip to musical comedy heaven. This show is jam-packed with outstanding jokes, devised by writer/director Theo McCabe, and it keeps the energy flowing from one cleverly directed moment to the next. The characters are extremely distinct, juxtaposing raucously against each other in their individual plights. The Captain pines for his long lost love, his first mate pines for him, while the rest of the cast are the usual suspects you’d find on a cruise: horny elderly folk, a drug convict from New Zealand, and to thicken the plot, a naïve and God-fearing nun. The cast is full of standout performers with perfectly timed comedy and great projection, a combination so difficult to get consistent in today’s Fringe performances. Theo McCabe himself supports the performance from the keys, leading the Hawaiian-shirt clad band. With the help of a few select props including colourful cocktails, flower necklaces, drink umbrellas, and the Holy Bible, we are taken straight to the heart of our cruise ship love affair.

As the story unfolds, our initial destination of the Caribbean is nowhere in sight. Captain Bleufonde follows the storm into the Arctic Ocean in pursuit of his beloved Mandy, who drowned at sea many years ago. The passengers are in disarray both by drink and desire, and the impending apocalypse brings out their lusty natures as they pursue their last hoorah upon the ship.

Will Vera convince Hanks that she’s actually not cripplingly old? Will Hanks convince Evie that he’s a better lover than Jesus? Will Captain Bleufonde finally see Vittles as his true and dedicated partner? Or will the apocalypse collapse any hope for these poor, doomed passengers?

Do not miss this musical, it will enliven your life with laughter while teaching you an age old lesson: most mistakes are made out of love.

5/5 WIGS

By Ranga Liliu


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