Tickets! £15 & Under!

More more more! There are always more shows to see for 15 quid or less. Here is our latest roundup of things with the GingerWig & StrollingMan seal of approval for the coming weeks…

Out Now 

Strange The Road – The Hope Theatre £15/12 (Until 18 Feb)


Strange The Road is a love letter to Chandler set in a noir world sometime between 1933 and 2033. Written in the pulp vernacular, the spare dialogue is matched by a sharp design and style where we are placed anywhere a man with his wits about him has to use them to prevent his own murder…or worse…

Coming Soon

New Nigerians – Arcola Theatre £12 Previews (12 – 14 Feb) £14 concessions (15 Feb – 11 Mar)


Nigeria: ‘the Giant of Africa’. Conservatives rule over the biggest economy on the continent, and one of the largest and youngest populations in the world. What if the people wanted something different? What if they got it?

Brixton Rock – Mangle £15/12 (15 Feb – 12 Mar)


Brenton Brown has never known his parents. A brutal feud with the killer Terry Flynn has scarred him for life. As a care leaver living in a hostel he craves the support of a family. But when he meets his mother and his beautiful half-sister, his life changes forever. Reggae and soul music suffuse the fabric of the story and the rumblings of the Brixton riots threaten to burst.

Will Power – Theatre N16 £10/8 (19 – 22 Feb)


We are all trying to find that little ounce of joy that makes you want to wake up the next day. Toby Boutall’s debut play on masculinity stigmas and male mental health.

On the Horizon

One Was Nude and One Wore Tails – Hen and Chickens Theatre £10/8.50 (7 – 18 Mar)


As in all Fo’s work, serious ideas about society pigeon-holing its citizens are explored satirically, with great humour, knockabout slapstick and vaudeville-style song and dance. Fo doesn’t preach or lecture, but instead uses clowns and buffoons to portray society’s foolish pretensions.

Bunny – White Bear Theatre £12/10 (7 – 25 Mar)


A summer of love. A fight. A car chase. A siege. When Katie’s boyfriend is attacked on the streets of Luton, she is propelled outside of her borders on to the frontier of council estates and concrete jungles. Amidst the sweltering heat, the baying for blood and longing for love, Katie is forced to decide her future.


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