Blood And Bone by Cicada Studios at The VAULTS Festival


Blood and Bone is a brand new puppet show from Cicada Studios. On at the Vaults Festival, these four young puppeteers presented a wild and eccentric flora and fauna-themed show.

Following the plight of young fern, Ash, we come across several larger than life shrub-like puppets. There are his two friends in the greenhouse, the sensual Rose from the garden centre, a very grisly Donald Trump root, and then a very sinister spade. In chasing down Rose after a night of horticulture passion (the most explicit plant sex scene ever staged) Ash realises that it is more important to follow his roots.

A slight weakness in narrative is made up for with the incredible puppets and characters, and the clever writing from this team whose script is jam-packed with horticultural-themed jokes. There are also plenty of physical gags too, with the performers diverting from their puppets on occasion to sing and perform outlandish dance routines. The puppet gags on occasion crossed over from puppet on puppet interaction to puppet on puppeteer interaction bringing some of the biggest laughs of the night particularly in the post-coital scene between Ash and Rose. Special character mention to the camp German techno fungi who was hilarious – “We’re just fun guys yaaaaaa”!

Overall this was a very entertaining evening of puppetry from a young group of performers combining a lot of clever writing, inventive puppetry, whilst playing to their budget perfectly. We look forward to the next puppet show from this group

WIGS 3/5


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