Theatre! £15 and Under!

Yes yes yes, even more great affordable theatre for you to take your pick from.

Out Now

Between A Man And A Woman – Etcetera Theatre £10 (10-13 April)


To the outside world, Polly and Tom seem to represent the normal married couple; successful, loving and happy. But behind closed doors, not all is what it seems. Polly’s family and friends are constantly worried for her wellbeing and safety; claiming she has changed from the person she once was.

The Plague – Arcola from £12 (Until 6 May)


The Plague is Albert Camus’ electrifying story about living through a time of crisis and fighting back against despair. Written in the aftermath of the Nazis’ march across Europe, it struck a powerful chord with millions struggling to understand the fascist ‘plague’ that had just overwhelmed them.

Coming Soon

Rabbit – The Horn The Barn £10/7 (13-14 April)

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 15.11.06

It’s Bella’s 25th birthday. Friends and former lovers will meet for a drink to celebrate. Drinks will low and secrets will spill. But in the uncivil war between the sexes, what happens when it’s your own gender you can’t stand? When you’re forced to face where your own views come from?

Pluto – Barons Court Theatre £12/10 (18-23 April)


Pluto is going through a crisis. No one had turned up to his party, his best friend Charon has hired a stripper for the evening and a probe from Earth has arrived baring some terrible, terrible news.

On The Horizon

Twelfth Night – Blue Elephant Theatre £12/10 (26 April – 6 May)

Twelfth Night image

Bubbling with energy and youthfulness, this actor-muso production of Twelfth Night is a playful take on the cross-dressing comedy.

Care – The Courtyard £14/11 (9-14 May)

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 15.23.44

The Angus Mackay Foundation is proud to present the revival of Care by Roy Mitchell (co-creator of New Tricks), originally presented at the Royal Court Upstairs, which has been revived with an ethnically diverse cast.


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